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Free shape of the week!  Yay!!!  I LOVE getting free shapes.  For this project I decided to use the flower from the free shape to create makeup stencils.  What kid doesn’t love getting their face painted?  In our small town they have a face painting booth every year at the 4th of July.  My cute nieces here love getting it done but hate trying to get it off.  I decided to create a stencil that we could use over and over again all year long and the designs could be more personalized than the few designs every kid has at the park on the 4th.  Bonus…They don’t have to scrub hard to get it off!

Makeup Stencils | by Amy Cox for Silhouette

These were so easy and fun!!!
  • Select the free shape.  Ungroup the design (right click, ungroup).
  • Delete the parts you don’t need.
  • I sized the designs between 1 1/2 -2 inches wide.
  • Helpful hint: If you draw a rounded rectangle around each design you won’t have sharp corners sticking next to the child’s eye!  Make sure to leave 1/2 -1 inch of space around the whole design to give you good stencil space to keep your makeup or paint from getting on the wrong part of the face.
Makeup Stencil | Amy Cox for Silhouette

I made a kissy lip design too.  Remember that if there is an “island” on your design you need to connect it to make a stencil.  I just used my knife tool to cut out a little line.  It worked great!
  • Cut the design out of stencil material.  I found it helpful to use the double cut function when I use the stencil material.  If you are ever using new materials and you aren’t sure if it will cut right, use the test cut feature.  This will cut a tiny square and triangle on the top left of your media.  Then you can test out your settings to see if you need to adjust them before you cut out the whole design.  This is an awesome feature!  It can save you lots of money.
Makeup Stencil | Amy Cox for Silhouette

  • Weed out the design so you have your stencil.
  • Stick the stencil on the face and fill in with makeup!  Easy and done!!!
Makeup Stencil | Amy Cox for Silhouette

I have an airbrush makeup kit that I used to color their faces.  You can use any kind of makeup or face paint you like.  This was a huge hit with the nieces!  I am so glad that you can rinse off the stencils and use them over and over again, because I’m sure that they will want it done every time they come to play!!!

What fun ways have you used the stencil material?

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