Thursday, May 14, 2015


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Yay for free designs!!!  I hope you are collecting them every week, it is totally worth your time to do so.  I just love collecting designs, and its even sweeter when you get them for free.

Free Design Painting| Amy Cox for Silhouette

For this week’s design I decided to turn it into a canvas painting using stencil material.  Have you used the stencil material yet?  It is awesome!  I cut the design wide enough to fit the width of the canvas.  They made the design perfect to line up easily if you are repeating the pattern, which I did.

Free Design Painting| Amy Cox for Silhouette

My canvas has staples on the side.  I didn’t want to look at those so I covered the edge with washi tape.  I think it adds so much to the design!  I have this picture on the edge of a shelf so now the edge of the picture will look nice when you see it coming down the hall.  A silly little detail maybe, but it makes me happy.  :)

Free Design Painting| Amy Cox for Silhouette

Can I tell you how much I love 3d flower designs?!  One of my favorite flowers are ranunculus.  I was very excited that there was a ranunculus design I could buy.

This stenciled canvas turned out perfectly!  I needed to add some visual interest to my picture shelf.  I love that this pattern added a fun pop of color.

Have you used this free design yet?  I’d love to see your projects!

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