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Flower Petal Skirt by Amy Cox for Silhouette
My little brother got married this month so I made a skirt for my daughter for the wedding.  I was thinking flowers, flower girls, and pretty ruffle teared skirts when an exciting idea came to my mind.  Why not make a flower petal ruffle skirt!  Here is how I did it…

Flower Petal Skirt
  •  I cut 12 x 12 inch squares out of sewable fabric interfacing and ironed it to my fabric then trimmed off the excess fabric.   Make sure to peel off the paper backing before placing it on your mat.  Note: Do not re-iron the fabric after the the paper has been pulled off.  I forgot and tried to iron out a little wrinkle before cutting it and ironed the fabric to my ironing board.  That was one of those brilliant moments for me.  :)
Flower Petal Skirt | Amy Cox for Silhouette
  • I sized the flower as big as I could on my CAMEO mat.
Flower Skirt (2)
  • Next I drew lines on the skirt where I wanted to sew on the petal ruffles.  I did them 1  1/8″ apart.
  • I started on the bottom of the skirt and sewed on each layer of petals.
Flower Pedal Skirt |Amy Cox for Silhouette
  • I overlapped the first and last petal of each row.  The spacing on this skirt worked out perfectly so it is just the gap between the petals that overlapped.
Flower Pedal Skirt | Amy Cox for Silhouette

I had left over petals when I finished the skirt so I decided to do a matching headband.  I LOVE how versatile the 3d flowers are!  What have you made with 3d flowers?

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