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I’ve made all kinds of projects with my Silhouette and I figured it was time I tried out some shoes.  There is an adorable pattern for some little Mary Jane shoes for babies that I bought a while ago from the online store.  But since its summer I thought…why not try making a pair of sandals!  It did require a little bit of editing but it wasn’t too crazy.  Here’s what I did…..
  • Open the shape and delete everything but the soles.
  • These are made with a seam allowance so you need to remove it.  I did an internal offset of .25″ and used that new shape and deleted the original sole.
  • I made a line that was .5″ long and duplicated it so I had 6.
  • I decided where I wanted the straps and the ribbon to go through and placed the .5″ lines in those positions about 1/4″ away from the edge on just one of the soles.
  • Group these lines with the sole.
  • Select the pattern or color that you want for that sole.
  • Now do a mirror duplicate of the sole and you will have two soles that are identical.  This is way easier than trying to do the adjustments to both soles and trying to get them to match.
  • With the other sole that you have you will cut this out without the lines for the straps (it is the bottom of the shoe.) Make sure to mirror duplicate it as well.
  • I made a rectangle for the straps that is  .5″x 4.75″.  You will need to cut 8 of these.
  • Using the sole that doesn’t have the strap lines on it, make one more internal offset that is about .125″ in.  I cut this out of adhesive cardstock and put it between the two sole pieces to make it a little sturdier.  Mirror duplicate this shape too.  We need a left and right for all of the sole pieces.

Sandal Tutorial|Amy Cox for Silhouette
  • Cut the souls and the straps out of the printable cotton canvas.  Cut the inner sole out of adhesive cardstock.  You can use regular cardstock also, I just figured the more adhesive the better!
  • I stuck 2 straps sticky sides together and top stitched the edges.  This leaves you with 4 straps.
  • Poke the straps and ribbon through the cut lines on the top sole and hot glue them in place on the back.
Sandal Tutorial|Amy Cox for Silhouette
  • Cover the ribbon pieces with the inner sole.
  • Stick the bottom sole on that and top stitch around the edge.
  • I added some puff paint for traction to the bottom, but really these sandals are more ideal for babies that don’t know how to walk yet.
Sandal Tutorial|Amy Cox for Silhouette

Sandal Tutorial|Amy Cox for Silhouette

Sandal Tutorial|Amy Cox for Silhouette

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