Saturday, December 20, 2014


Don't you just LOVE getting free designs?!!!  Silhouette is so good to us, don't you think?  I'm loving the 12 days of free designs till Christmas.  I love this design today.  There are so many things you can do with it.  I debated doing a fun Christmas pillow or some wall art but then I had an idea that made me super excited....a magnetic advent calendar for my fridge!  Here's what I did.....
Advent Calendar|Amy Cox for Silhouette
That open sleigh was just begging to have presents in it!  So I filled it up.  :)  Here is a quick step by step...
  • After I opened the design I filled it with a fun pattern and made the cut lines black and thicker.   I also did this with the words and placed them where I wanted them.
  • TURN OFF THE CUT LINES ON THE WORDS!  You do not want to forget this step or you will cut them right out.
  • I picked a fun Christmas tree design and presents as well and added the pattern.
  • Then I found a font I liked, typed all of the numbers I needed (do them all separately so you can move them around).
  • Fill the numbers with the color white.  Right click on the number and select "Bring to Front".  Then place them on top of the present designs.
  • Turn on the registration marks.
  • Now it's easy...just print the designs on magnet paper and cut them out!  I got the whole thing cut out with just 2 sheets of paper.
Advent Calendar|Amy Cox for Silhouette
I am in love with the print and cut feature on the Silhouette.  It is so amazing and makes doing projects so stinkin' easy!
Advent Calendar|Amy Cox for Silhouette
My vision with this advent calendar is that at the beginning of the month all of the presents started out in the sleigh.  Then each day we move a present under the tree.  So the kiddos will know it's Christmas when all of the presents make it under the tree.  I loved the anticipation of Christmas as a child.  I think that this advent calendar would have made me so excited everyday to imagine more presents under the tree.  It also would have given my parents more ammo to get me to do good so Santa would come.  ;)
Advent Calendar|Amy Cox for Silhouette
You can hang this on the fridge as I did or you could even do it on a cookie sheet if you want to.  Then you could put it in any room you want to in your house.
Designs used:
Oh what fun (Free Design) on 12/20/14
The present design I believe was an exclusive design that came with the advent calendar frame.
The green polka dot present pattern and the yellow polka dot pattern were patterns that came with my Cameo.

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  1. Amy, this is such a great idea! This is a must-do for next Christmas.