Thursday, May 14, 2015


Running Shirt | Amy Cox for Silhouette

I am totally obsessed with the new glitter heat transfer material!  In my opinion everything is better with glitter!  I bought a new workout shirt and decided to glam it up, because you know…when your workout clothes are fun you want to wear them more.  :)

Running Shirt | Amy Cox for Silhouette

I found this awesome design from the Silhouette Design Store.  It was perfect for me.  (Especially since I help manage a candy store!)    So here’s how I did it….
  • Mirror the design first.
  • Ungroup the design.
  • I made sure that each set of words were grouped the way I needed them.
Running Shirt | Amy Cox for Silhouette
  • I like to add a cut line under the design I am cutting on the heat transfer material.  This way I have a nice straight line to help me cut it off the rest of the material.  I also like to use up any little space I can when I’m using a specialty media.  So in this case I made some circles for some polka dots on a future project.
  • I cut my design out of the hot pink, black silver, and purple glitter heat transfer material.
  • I have found that it is best to use the heat transfer material FLOCKED setting to cut glitter heat transfer material.  It weeds perfectly every time!
Running Shirt | Amy Cox for Silhouette
  • When applying the heat transfer make sure to measure it out to ensure you have it in the perfect spot, perfectly centered.  This helps it look more professional.  Also make sure to prewash your shirt so the heat transfer will stay put on the shirt, and wash it inside out.
  • One more tip… make sure to use a pressing cloth (any scrap of fabric) when ironing the transfer so you can avoid burning your fabric.
Running Shirt | Amy Cox for Silhouette

Seriously this product is AMAZING!  I made a shirt for my daughter (who is 1 1/2 years old) with the glitter heat transfer material and it has been washed dozens of times and it is still in great condition.

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