Thursday, May 14, 2015


I am getting super excited for a tropical trip my family is going on next month!  I bought this little towel swimsuit coverup for my daughter to use on the trip, and I just had to embellish it to make it more fun and well more tropical.  How cute is this rhinestone turtle design?!

DIY Rhinestone-Turtle-swimsuit cover up by Amy Cox for Silhouette

I used a brand new blade in my CAMEO to cut the design out of the rhinestone template material. It is adhesive backed, and it cut the circles all the way through the backing, which was wonderful!  When I removed the template material from the mat, a lot of the circles stuck to to it, or the backing on the tiny circles did anyway, which made the weeding process super easy!  Because the adhesive was exposed on all of the tiny circles, I just placed the template on a plain piece of paper and pressed it with my hands so all of the black circles would stick to that paper. I didn’t have to pull out any of them by hand.  It was great!  Then, I just removed the rest of the backing from the template material and stuck it to the backer board that comes in the rhinestone template kit.

Rhinestone Turtle Coverup | Amy Cox for Silhouette

The most time consuming part of this project was placing each colored rhinestone right where I wanted it, but it was fun too, I felt like I was doing one of those velvety color by number pictures from my youth.  :)  Surprisingly the rhinestones stuck really well to the towel like surface, but it did have really fine loops, not big ones like a normal towel.


So what do you think?  Have you tried out the rhinestone kit yet?

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