Saturday, November 29, 2014


Love is on my mind this month as my husband and I just hit our 5th wedding anniversary.  I decided to make a cute pillow with this love point desing to remember this milestone.  I LOVE using the sewable fabric interfacing and it goes great on pillows!
Here are a few tips for you today, one on working with multiple layers of sewable fabric interfacing and another on stencil vinyl.

DIY Love is here pillow|Amy Cox for Silhouette

After I cut out the design I decided to sew the heart onto the circle first so I wouldn’t have all of the fabric from the pillow to fuss with in the sewing machine.  Since I had already removed the paper backing to cut the fabric I needed to make sure I didn’t iron the design to my ironing board.  So I found the paper from the back of the circle and placed the designs on that to heat the heart to the circle.

DIY Love is here pillow|Amy  Cox for Silhouette

I let the fabric cool then I sewed around the heart with the paper still attached.  Doing this helped keep the plasticy part of the interfacing from sticking to the machine while I sewed.  Then just tear the paper away when you are finished with that step.  I did this to sew the heart onto the circle, then again to sew the circle to the point.

DIY Love is here pillow|Amy Cox for Silhouette

The second tip I have is for using the stencil vinyl and fabric paint.  Sometimes it is hard to see the design you have cut because it is clear vinyl with clear transfer tape.  So I like to trace around the design with a marker to make it easier to line up on the fabric I am using.

DIY Love is here pillow|Amy Cox for Silhouette

I hope you enjoyed this project and that it will inspire you to create something fun as well!

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Designs used:
love (double-sided adhesive starter kit shape)

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