Saturday, November 29, 2014


Who doesn’t love a little vinyl wall art?  It can be so much fun!  I love that with the Silhouette it is so easy to make. Their vinyl is great to work with and can be removed easily when you are ready for something new.

DIY Vinyl wart art | Amy Cox for Silhouette

For this project I wanted to make labels for the towels that hang on hooks in our bathroom.
Here’s how its done…
  • Find some lovely shapes from the online store, download them, and cut them from adhesive vinyl.
  • Weed out the spare vinyl from the design with the handy little hook tool.
Vinyl art | Amy Cox for Silhouette
  • I cut out the words with white vinyl and applied them to the colored vinyl shapes before placing them on the wall.
  • Transfer the vinyl design to the wall using transfer paper and a scraper.
Vinyl art | Amy Cox for Silhouette

See, it is so easy and fun!  You can do any type of design that fits your house.  I like things a little more modern/contemporary so this mix of designs worked perfectly for me.  I am kind of nerdy and I loved making the “hand towel” shape.

Vinyl art | Amy Cox for Silhouette

Have fun creating your own vinyl art.  The possibilities are endless!!!

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