Saturday, November 29, 2014


Lamp Shade Refashion | Amy Cox for Silhouette

I have a fun older lamp shade that has some awesome dented character that I wanted to give a little love to.  I wanted something subtle, but exciting.  I decided to use a line from one of my favorite songs that always gets stuck in my head to dress up this shade.

I found a few of the words in the design store then used the SNF Infinity bold font to come up with the rest of it.  (Remember to weld your words if you do this).  Then I flipped the image horizontally so I could stick the vinyl inside the lamp shade.

Lamp refashion| Amy Cox for Silhouette

I love that the design glows through when you have the lamp on and mostly disappears when it’s off.

Lamp refashion| Amy Cox for Silhouette

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