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I am so in love with the rhinestone kit from Silhouette! It makes doing a rhinestone project so stinking easy.  For this project I used the metallic rhinestones, they give a bit of a studded feel to the project.  For some reason I wanted the studded feel to go along with my daughters cute little pink boots (which I am super jealous of, why, oh why don’t they make them in adult sizes!)

DIY Rhinestone Tee|Amy Cox for Silhouette

A little tip I have for using the rhinestone template material is to follow the directions and pull the material off quickly from the backing it is on when it is cut.  This will save you a lot of time trying to weed out sticky little circles.  Seriously though, if you do this right you can have a rhinestone project finished in less than 10 minutes, which is something you could never say if you have to heat each rhinestone individually.

DIY Rhinestone Tee|Amy Cox for Silhouette

Here is my cute little daughter sporting her new Tee, along with one of her besties.

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